Braiding Hair Extensions

Braided hair extensions are long-lasting and low-maintenance. Braids can be done up in box, micro and cornrows. The individual or box braids get their name from the fact that the hair is parted into a triangle, box or other shape before being braided. Since the ends are secured, you need not worry about tangling or unraveling of these extensions. The braids size can be customized to suit your requirement. The hair products will be placed flat to simplify the braiding, won’t waste curls and will have sufficient texture for them to prevent slippage by properly gripping the natural hair.

Tree and micro braids are those which are not braided all the way. This leaves some of the wigs free-flowing in order to create a bouncy and curly look. Due to the tight pulling and tugging during braiding, some of the curls from the hair extensions are lost. This means that even if you want a wavy finish to your hair extensions, it is better to get hair with a curly texture. Cutting or trimming, braiding and layering take care of the rest.

Finally, the flat, cornrows or Goddess braids, which lie flat to the scalp. The hair is pulled very tightly to maintain neatness and uniformity of the braids and prevent them from slipping. Because of this reason, you won’t need curly extensions, since the style won’t utilize curls. But very straight hair extensions can also become a problem because they may not match the natural hair and may not have the requisite grip. So, wavy hair is the best to be used when trying out these braids.

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  1. My niece could almost sit on her hair by the time she was six. Long, thick and nappy. She was very pisvase aggressive about getting her hair done. No matter what, 10 or 20 minutes into getting a hair combing session would get oooohhh soooo sleepy. You know what, it still got done, even if me or my sister had to prop that head up with pillows while she slept lol. She’s now 12 and has just stopped doing that mess. Her latest hair do, my sis did the top one day and put the back in a big puff and then did the back the next day. So you’re right it can be done over a couple of days, just don’t leave her looking crazy about the head in the interim.

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