Benefits Of Using Indian Hair For Hair Extensions

Among hair extensions, Indian hair extensions are well-established as premium products for their overall quality comprising length, shine, volume, density and color. The Indian hair for sale on our website is mostly straight or slightly wavy, which looks perfectly natural when worn by almost all our clients. In comparison, African hair is very curly and Asian or Mongoloid hair is very straight. Caucasian hair has a lower number of follicles and higher oval cross-sections, making it brittle and unsuitable for styling. Indian virgin Remy hair flows in gentle undulations with either long or short waves. These waves give a shine and evenness to the Indian hair for sale. It also gives the hair extensions flexibility in shaping and styling, and also makes it easy for clipping, trimming or cutting.

Indian virgin hair hair can easily be either straightened or curled. The Indian virgin Remy hair for sale on our online store is preferred by professional stylists because it is conducive to coloring, dyeing, bleaching and other chemical treatments to enhance its looks. Indian hair lasts longer and rarely needs to be replaced before at least 4-6 months. The Indian virgin Remy hair for sale can be remodeled to match hair of almost all origins – so no matter which texture your natural hair is, we can always find Indian hair extensions to suit you. Apart from chemical treatment, Indian virgin Remy hair is also conducive to heat treatment. The above features make Indian hair extensions much sought-after in the hair care industry.

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