Benefits Of Using Conditioners On Indian Hair Extensions

Indian hair extensions are susceptible to damage from not just excess heat or chemical use, but also from the regular grooming process. The hair in Indian hair products has been cut away and so does not have natural or sebum oils to protect it and repair it in case of damage due to daily use. Due to chemical styling treatment, the fibers of Brazilian hair extensions become brittle and vulnerable.

This renders them susceptible to damage even from normal everyday grooming processes like combing, brushing, etc. Chemical treatments also cause the hair to swell irreversibly. Swelling is a process of saturation of hair fibers with liquid and irreversible swelling is caused when the bonds in the hair fibers are broken. Swelling reduces the longevity and appearance of the Indian hair extensions. Studies have indicated that if the hair is well-conditioned before grooming, the loss of protein (damage) and intake of water (swelling) are significantly reduced.

Even during the simple process of combing or brushing, the loss of protein has been shown to be reduced by 14% in straight hair extensions, by 18% in wavy hair extensions and 28% in curly hair extensions designed through Indian hair. Similarly, water retention was reduced by 31% in straight Indian hair extensions, by 36% in wavy Indian hair extensions and 17% in curly Indian hair extensions after proper conditioning.

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