Basics Tips While Buying Hair Extensions

Women, in general, like using hair extensions since they enhance the beauty of the scalp and lend attractiveness and grace to the overall personality. The best kinds of hair extensions are human hair extensions and they come in a variety of texture and colour. Human hair extensions are considered the best since synthetic fibres cannot give the natural look and feel of human hair and are susceptible to early damage if exposed to grooming or styling. Moreover, human hair extensions blend into natural hair. Always make sure that the hair extensions you buy are made with 100% human hair and match the texture, colour and style of your natural hair.

The most basic level of human hair extensions contain human hair from a variety of sources, which is chemically treated to make it look attractive or to add the desired colour. Next in line are virgin human hair extensions – made up of 100% natural human hair, available in a range of attractive natural colours – blacks, browns and even blondes. These do not require any chemical treatment since the hair samples chosen are sufficiently healthy, bouncy and shiny. Lastly, the most expensive and premium are the Remy hair, which are taken from a single donor, with their cuticles intact. Hair extensions made with Remy hair have all the cuticles pointing in one direction, thereby imparting uniformity to the hair and making it inseparable from your natural hair.

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One thought on “Basics Tips While Buying Hair Extensions

  1. I did the hair extension myeslf because of price. They look good, but my hair is just a little darker then the extensions. I would like to dye my hair anyways and now that I ahve the extension I don’t even know now if I can dye my hair. If I can what kind of hair dye?? If it is possible..and keep in mind price.

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