Basics Of Virgin Indian Hair Extensions

Applying virgin Indian hair extensions has become trendy, be it to add color, shape, bounce or length to your existing locks. Virgin Indian hair extensions are also resorted to by clients with damaged or balding natural hair. Virgin Indian hair can be attached using a variety of different techniques such as weaving, fusion, bonding, etc. The use of virgin Indian hair extensions made of pure human hair has many advantages discussed in so many of our blogs. If the hair is virgin, you get the added benefit of ease with which it can be colored, dyed or bleached to get the desired shade. Clipping on is the easiest way to apply virgin Indian hair extensions since both application and removal are quick and simple. For bonded virgin Indian hair extensions, the adhesive has to be first removed with a chemical remover. Fusion hair extensions also use glue at the top of the virgin Indian hair extensions. A human hair weave is used among virgin Indian hair extensions for a longer lifespan. The most commonly used colors for virgin Indian hair extensions are black and blonde. Blonde hair is preferred because it enhances the facial features. Natural blonde virgin Indian hair extensions are expensive and should be bought from reputed stores only to ensure their authenticity.

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