Attaching Wholesale Brazilian Hair Extensions With Glue Or Adhesive

Brazilian hair extensions come in different styles and can be classified based on the installation method. One of the methods of applying Brazilian hair extensions is by gluing them to the natural hair or the scalp. This method is simple and easy, but the glue can melt when heated. Hence, glued Brazilian hair extensions should not be heat treated or hot styled. When selecting the Brazilian hair extensions to be glued, make sure that they complement your natural hair color and texture.

Buy Brazilian hair weaves of a longer length than needed – the excess length can always be trimmed away. But if you buy shorter length, then you have no option left. Non-virgin wholesale Brazilian hair extensions can also be made available in a wide range of colors, including exotic ones. You have to choose the one which appeals to you and matches your existing hair. When installing Brazilian hair products, the glue should not be applied directly onto the natural hair. If some glue falls onto the natural hair by mistake, it can be removed by applying a special lotion for removing hair bonds or coconut oil. It should be removed before it dries and sets in.

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