Attaching Seamless Indian Remy Hair Extensions

Indian Remy hair has all its cuticles intact and looks and behaves just like natural hair. This makes it more expensive to buy but easier to install and maintain. Further, extensions made from Indian Remy hair are indistinguishable from natural hair. Latest application techniques have been discovered which help in concealing Indian Remy hair extensions even better. One of these techniques uses skin wefts with a fast and simple installation procedure. All you need for these completely seamless hair extensions are clips and a comb to part the hair. The beauty of the method lies in its simplicity in application and removal. The weight of the Indian Remy hair extensions applied through tape-ins or seamless hair extensions is spread over a number of thin hair partings, making them tender on the hair and scalp which does not cause the natural hair to break. Seamless Indian Remy hair extensions have a shorter lifespan of about a week to 3 months compared to traditional hair extensions. These are still preferred for their comfort and ease of application. They are very comfortable even during sleeping. If properly taken care of, these Indian Remy hair extensions can be removed, stored and re-used.

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