Applying Wefted Virgin Hair Extensions

Wefted virgin hair extensions are made of virgin human hair. They can be applied either through a hand-tie weft or as machine weft extensions. If the wefted virgin hair is to be taped in, the natural hair needs to be prepared to enable it to hold the weft in place when applied. The part of the skin where the wefted virgin hair extensions are to be applied should be treated with alcohol to remove accumulated natural and other oils, grime, dirt, etc., which weaken the weft bond. Place the tape strip of the wefted virgin hair extensions on the scalp. Keep the adhesive cover intact on the open side of the tape and run a hot iron across it to secure its hold on the skin. If sections of the wefted virgin hair extensions loosen away, these can be put in place by applying glue or tape. The hair being sandwiched between the wefts should be thin so that the top and bottom skin wefts can adhere to each other. Too much or too thick hair between the wefted virgin hair will prevent the pieces from joining, thereby preventing the tape from attaching and bonding properly.

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