Applying The Best Human Hair Extensions Using Wefts

As mentioned in our earlier blogs, human hair extensions are the best hair extensions for your Brazilian hair. Among human hair extensions, those made from hair of Indian or Brazilian origin command a premium due to the genetic superiority of these types of hair. After you have selected and bought the best hair extensions for your hair, you need to choose the proper application method. Even the best hair extensions lose their efficacy and look shabby if improperly applied. Going in for either a hand-tie weft or machine weft extensions is one of the best ways to hold your hair extensions in place. If you want to tape in the weft hair extensions, you need to prepare the natural hair so that it is able to hold the weft in place. Select the area where you wish to place the weft and clean it with a tissue dipped in alcohol, to remove grime and oils, since these substances weaken the weft bond. Use clean hands when handling the weft to avoid dirt from transferring onto the scalp while cleaning. Place the tape onto the scalp and run a hot iron across to secure it to the skin. Loose sections can be glued or taped back onto the scalp. Keep thin strands of natural hair between the wefts to allow the wefts to stick to each other. If the clump of natural hair is too thick, the bond between the wefts may either not form or be too weak.

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