Applying Indian Remy Hair Extensions

Two of the most important considerations when choosing hair extensions are whether the hair is genuine human hair and whether the texture of the hair in the hair extensions suits your natural hair – coarse hair never gels with hair extensions made of fine hair and vice versa. While the above factors are important to make the hair extensions look as natural as possible, another factor is how amenable is the hair extension you are using, to various styling tools and general wear and tear. For this, Indian Remy hair is often preferred in the making of natural-looking long-lasting hair extensions. After selecting the texture and color of the Indian Remy hair extensions, you must ensure that the hair is cut to the right length before you put it on. No matter what the original length of the Indian Remy hair is, some cutting or trimming is required before the Indian Remy hair extension is ready to be put on. The preliminary preparation for applying Indian Remy hair extensions starts with readying your natural hair. The hair should be styled into a ponytail with a small layer left out at the base. Spray hairspray at the roots to give it texture and prevent the Indian Remy hair extension from slipping. Place the Indian Remy hair extensions in close layers for maximum coverage and added volume.

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