Applying Indian Hair Extensions Using Clips

Indian hair extensions can be simply clipped on for easy application. But this simplicity of clipping on Indian hair extensions is deceptive – it is not as simple as it sounds and is something more than simply parting the natural hair and clipping the Indian hair extensions to it. While clipping Indian hair extensions, a successful installation involves blending them with the natural hair to effectively conceal any awkward wefts or bulkiness. A little bit of camouflaging is helpful when Indian hair extensions have to be added near the front part or the crown of the head. Firstly, the hair needs to be sectioned off slightly thicker than normal. Next, it should be horizontally split into two parts, with the top part about a quarter to a half inch thick to form the cover. The Indian hair extensions are clipped to the bottom and brushed to blend with the natural tresses. Similarly, for clipping on ponytails of Indian hair extensions, comb the natural hair to form a bun and keep the hair in place with bands or pins. This forms a base so that the ponytail does not look loose. The bun should be placed sufficiently high on the head for the look to be just right. Next, the ponytail is placed over the bun, while securing the clips under the elastic bands to the base of the hair.

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