Applying Glaze Or Shine Mixture To Weft Hair Extensions

A color glaze can be used to impart a shine to weft hair extensions. Apart from the shine, this also helps in keeping the weft hair extensions healthy and strong. This glaze can be applied after installing weft hair extensions. Initially, when the glaze is applied, the weft hair extensions become slightly damp, facilitating better styling of the hair. Another advantage of applying glaze to weft hair extensions is that the glaze or shine can be mixed with proteins and moisturizers to provide nourishment to the weft hair extensions and the natural hair. Either the glaze or a mixture of glaze with moisturizers can be rubbed onto the weft hair extensions and the horizontal sections of the natural hair starting from the nape of the neck. The glaze should not be applied to the bonded section or the keratin-bonded tips of weft hair extensions since the application of the liquid may result in a break-down of the glue. For best results, apply sufficient quantity of the shine to thoroughly saturate the weft hair extensions with it. The color and protein/moisturizer mixture settles down in about 20 minutes. During this period, do not dry your hair forcibly since this might make the mixture unstable. After the mixture has dried out, wash the weft hair extensions with shampoo and condition them to remove the excess glaze from the hair.

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