Applying Glaze Mixture To Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions can be accentuated after installation by the application of a color glaze which gives a clean shine to keep the hair healthy and strong. The glaze can be applied all over the weft hair extensions. Since the hair becomes damp during application of the color, this facilitates better styling of the weft hair extensions. Apart from styling, the coloring procedure can also be used to nourish the weft hair extensions by mixing the glaze with moisturizers and proteins. Starting from the nape of the neck, the preferred glaze mixture can be rubbed on the weft hair extensions and the horizontal sections of the natural hair, avoiding the bonded section and keratin-bonded tips of the weft to prevent breaking down of the keratin glue due to application of liquid. The weft hair extensions should be well saturated with the shine mixture for best results. The mixture takes about 20 minutes to settle down. Do not force dry weft hair extensions during this period since it might make the protein/moisturizer/glaze/color mixture unstable. As a last step, rinse the weft hair extensions thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner to make them more amenable to styling.

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