Applying Brazilian Human Hair Weaves

Brazilian human hair weaves are added as hair extensions of woven human hair of Brazilian origin. Brazilian human hair extensions are used to add volume and density to the natural tresses and also to hide bald patches, scalp ailments and other imperfections. They can also be used as a stopgap arrangement till your natural hair grows back, in case of a hair-cut gone bad. The hair used in the making of Brazilian hair weaves can be either Virgin or non-Virgin, Remy or non-Remy.

Depending on the quality of hair needed and the budget, you can choose the Brazilian human hair weaves for your hair. The next cost component in Brazilian human hair weaves is the cost of their installation. Here you can decide either to do them up at home or visit a professional, or a combination of both, with the preliminary work done by you at home, while the actual application is done by the stylist.

The most frequent methods of installing hair extensions are Bonding, Tracking, Cornrow monitoring, Invisible Weaving, Fusion and Netting. Bonding glues the Brazilian human hair extensions to the roots. Tracking uses thread to tie strands of Brazilian human hair weaves to the scalp. In cornrow monitoring, cornrow braids are formed on the scalp. Invisible weaving obviates the use of threads or adhesives. Fusion sticks the Brazilian human hair weaves with a machine. Netting weaves the extensions on a braided surface.

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