Application Of Virgin Skin Weft Extensions

Virgin skin weft extensions using the tape in method have the advantages of easy and fast application, longer lifespan than comparable application of up to almost 2 months, recyclable (only the tape needs to be changed), natural look and feel with the weft base being almost invisible, strength and durability. Virgin skin weft extensions made from 100% Remy human hair is the most natural looking with immense flexibility in terms of ease in coloring and styling. Applying Virgin skin weft extensions using the tape in method is so simple that it can even be done at home, provided you have a helper to fix the tapes. The next best application method for Virgin skin weft extensions is clip in extensions. These also give the look and feel of natural hair and can be styled using normal hair styling products such as hot irons, curlers, brushes, combs, gels and hair sprays. Here again, human hair is more preferable since synthetic hair may lend volume but is not easy to style. Only drawback to clipping in Virgin skin weft extensions is that these may not hold if your natural hair is very soft, thin or weak. Whichever be the application method, 100% Remy human hair extensions are always best.

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