Application Of A Brazilian Weave

A Brazilian weave can be added to natural hair to add length, density or volume. Basically, hair extensions are made of natural human hair or synthetic artificial hair. Brazilian weaves made of natural human hair, preferably virgin Remy Brazilian hair, are the best and appear perfectly natural. Hair of Asian origin is rough, while African hair is too curly and short. For most of our clients who are based in America or Europe, European hair is very similar to their natural hair. Brazilian weave is made of hair that is long, luscious, shiny and abundant thereby making it the most preferred hair extension. In case you wish to go in for a Brazilian weave hair extension, you can choose to clip it on or weave it in the form of tiny braids or plait it or fuse it to your natural hair. Clip on Brazilian weaves create the least damage, but need to be removed when sleeping. Weaves may be uncomfortable at times since they create a “pull” on the scalp. You have to take care while swimming or bathing with them. Sealed hair extensions can last 4-6 months and need specialist help for application. Fusion is a slightly extended process. Brazilian weaves are available in a variety of preferences in the market. You can choose the ones you like the most.

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