An Introduction To Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are similar to a hair curtain – fixed at the top but with a free-flowing base. Weft hair extensions are sewn on to a small braid, called a track or a cornrow, which is horizontally braided behind the head using the natural hair as a base. These tracks are beneath the hairline and are invisible once the weft hair products cover them. The number of wefts needed is based on the fullness and length of the original natural hair present and also the desired length of the weft hair extensions. For instance, if you natural hair is thin and of shoulder length, and you want to add a little length and some fullness, about 2 to 3 wefts should be sufficient.

However, for natural hair which only reaches your chin, if you want a full length right down till the middle of the back, you would require 5 to 6 wefts. Hair-care of weft is almost the same as that for your natural hair. Only distinguishing factor is that since the weft hair extensions do not get any nourishment directly from your scalp, they need to be given extra moisture and nourishment. 100% human hair weft can last about 2 months if taken proper care of and not are subject to frequent processing and heat-styling.

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