Always Select Reputed Manufacturers When Buying Brazilian Remy Hair

Brazilian Remy hair extensions are a special case of hair extensions, where the entire head of hair is harvested from a single donor, in this case, a single donor of Brazilian origin, and its cuticles are not just kept intact, but are also pointing in the same direction. This combination of qualities – human hair, single donor, Brazilian origin, presence of cuticles, all cuticles uniformly pointing in the same direction – is what makes Remy hair extensions unique, rare, difficult to obtain and expensive. The last feature – their comparatively higher cost – has given rise to a number of spurious manufacturers who attempt to pass off non-Remy or even synthetic hair extensions as genuine Brazilian Remy hair extensions in order to make a quick buck.

Genuine Remy hair extensions do not tangle easily, retain their luster for longer and have a higher useful lifespan. Getting fooled by manufacturers of these specious Brazilian Remy hair extensions makes disillusioned clients lose faith in the efficacy of Brazilian Remy hair extensions as a whole. This is because the synthetic fibers in such extensions have neither the luster nor the longevity of the authentic ones. Hence, it is always preferable to opt for reputed manufacturers when buying premium products such as Brazilian Remy hair products.

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