After-Care Of Deep Wave Hair Extensions

In order to stay fresh, shiny and bouncy, deep curly Brazilian extensions require a slightly more elaborate maintenance regimen compared to natural hair. It is highly advisable to brush deep wave hair extensions at least twice a day with a suitable comb or brush, which does not contain harsh metallic teeth. The Brazilian deep curly weave should always be brushed when dry, never when wet. Hold the Brazilian deep curly weave and brush them in a downwards motion.

Deep curly Brazilian hair require a touch-up and treatment once every 15 days or so. Since the hair in deep wave hair extensions does not get nourishment and moisturizing straight from the scalp, the treatment should ensure that the deep wave hair extensions get their dose of oils and sustenance. During hair treatment, the area where the deep wave hair extensions are attached to the scalp should be avoided. Shampooing or conditioning should be done gently to prevent the hair from tangling.

It is best to apply the shampoo and allow it to run through theĀ deep curly Brazilian hair rather than trying to massage it inside. A moisturizing detangling solution after the wash helps retain moisture and straightens most minor entanglements in the hair. Hot styling of Brazilian deep curly weave should be done with extra precaution to avoid heat damage. Over-use of heating tools dries the deep wave hair extensions faster and should be avoided if possible. In case styling tools are used, apply a heat protector to the deep wave hair extensions.

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