Advantages Of Brazilian Hair Extensions Compared To Others

Hair extensions can be made either from synthetic fibers, mostly nylon or polyester, or from a mix of human and animal hair, or from natural human hair. A simple burn test will be able to differentiate between the hair made from synthetic material and natural human hair. Synthetic hair burns with a blue flame and emits the smell of burning plastic, while natural hair burns and smells like burning hair. Genuine human hair extensions are more expensive and are preferred because of their longer lifespan and ease of heat and chemical processing. Synthetic hair tangles easily and gets damaged by heat or chemical applications. Among human hair extensions, those of Brazilian origin – Brazilian hair extensions are better. This is because this hair has inherent strength, lushness and color due to its genetic pre-disposition. With proper maintenance, Brazilian hair extensions can serve you for many months without the need for replacement. These extensions command a premium compared to other hair extensions. Given the range of application methods, styles, colors and textures in Brazilian hair extensions featured on our website, we are sure it would not be too difficult for you to select the ones which suit your requirements perfectly. Brazilian hair extensions are easy to use and some of their application methods can be done at home, within minutes, without the need for outside professional help. They allow you to experiment with different hairstyles without harming your natural hair.

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