A Test Of True Indian Remy Hair

Indian Remy hair extensions command a premium in the human hair extensions market. This has resulted in businesses claiming to provide Indian Remy hair extensions, but without genuine authenticity. Unfortunately, there are no regulations which make it imperative for hair extension suppliers to come out with the truth about their product. Very few labs can provide help to hapless clients by verifying whether the Indian Remy hair extensions which they have bought from the market are an imitation or truly the real ones. To find out whether the Indian Remy hair extensions are, in fact, Remy, examine their roots, the middle of the shaft and the fiber ends under a microscope/magnifying glass. Normally, at the ends, the cuticles are missing and, near the roots, they are healthy and thick. This is due to grooming (mechanical stress), treatment (chemical stress) and shampoo or conditioner build-up. However, if under the same microscope, cuticles are completely absent, then it is obvious that the hair sample is not Indian Remy hair. Even in the most roughly used Indian Remy hair extensions, at least some cuticle layers are definitely left.

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