Techniques And Aftercare Of Brazilian Weaves

A Brazilian weave involves adding hair extensions made of Brazilian hair in the form of weaves or braids. Brazilian weave makes your natural locks appear lush and lustrous, while hiding symptoms of baldness or any scalp ailments. Brazilian weaves are available in different forms in the market, the most common of which are wefts, where the hair is sewn into the scalp either by a machine or by hand. The Brazilian weave thus formed may be made of human or synthetic, Remy or non-Remy hair. The most common techniques for creating Brazilian weaves are:
Bonding – adhesive is used to glue tracks of hair to the roots
Tracking – strands of hair are placed horizontally on the scalp and strengthened with threads
Cornrow monitoring – using cornrow braids, the oldest weaving method
Invisible weaving – without the use of threads or adhesives
Fusion – using a machine to stick strands of the Brazilian weave onto the natural hair
Netting – weaving on a surface shaped by braiding the natural hair beneath a skinny web
Whichever be the technique used, it must always be remembered that Brazilian weaves must be washed with delicate non-alkaline shampoos only and always combed from the bottom first. Styling them can be done with gentle gels and the weaves should be kept away from heat and direct sun-light, as far as possible.

Benefits Of Virgin Hair Lace Wigs Over Traditional Weaving

As mentioned in our earlier blogs, wigs are fast becoming a preferred hair styling accessory due to the comfort and convenience in wearing and maintaining them. A virgin hair lace wig or a lace front weave imparts all the conveniences of a normal hair weave, but in the form of a wig. The main advantage of a virgin hair lace wig over traditional lace front weaving is that it is simple, efficient and fast. In normal weaving, the hair has to be sewn into a cornrow, which may result in exposing of the wefts or the tracks; whereas in case of virgin hair lace wigs, all you need to do is fix the wig on top of your scalp or your natural hair with the help of special adhesives. This means that the first thing to do when electing to go for a virgin hair lace wig is to get a measurement of your head, so as to ensure that the wig is the right fit. Another advantage of virgin hair lace wigs is that these can be chemically treated and altered to match the style or the color you desire.

Human Hair Wigs For Convenience And Style

Women desirous of a variety of quick-fix hair styles can opt for human hair wigs. Their USP is that they are made from human hair, which makes them indistinguishable from natural hair. As opposed to natural hair, which takes ages to grow and lots of effort to style, human hair wigs give instant gratification. Of course, there is a cost associated with this. The price of human hair wigs varies based on whether the hair used in the wigs is virgin, Remy and also the genesis of the hair. Wigs made of virgin, Remy human hair are obviously more expensive. Similarly, Remy Brazilian or Remy Indian wigs cost more than others. This is because of the quality of the under-lying hair which is used to make these wigs. While originally, wigs were very costly and were the exclusive preserve of the rich, as in any other industry, competition has made human hair wigs more affordable today. One more attraction of wigs is the convenience of maintaining them. Compared to natural hair, maintenance of wigs is effortless, involving an occasional clipping and mild brushing. They can be styled using all standard hair equipment such as flat irons, hot rollers, blow dryers.

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Hair Care For Black Hair Extensions

Black hair extensions, made with African-American hair, are distinct from Caucasoid, Brazilian, European or Asian ones. Black hair is strong and transversally rigid thereby it curls tightly like a twisted oval or a ribbon. Moreover, the thickness of both the cuticle and fiber of black hair is irregular, making it more fragile than other hair extension types. The outer-most area of black hair extensions becomes thin and flakes easily and is more susceptible to damage through chemical substances. Even vigorous brushing can cause the cuticle to flake and harm the hair. Another unwanted attribute of black hair extensions is reduced humidity content, making it prone to weathering. Given that black hair extensions are normally very curly, it is hard to comb them without hair breakage and shedding. This means black hair extensions require more treatment than other types of hair extensions. The scalp should frequently be massaged with oil to make the hair look shinier and healthier. Go for a hot oil treatment once a month. While shampooing, lathering should be avoided and should be resorted to only when necessary. Drying and brushing should be done softly. Special merchandise for hair-care of black hair extensions is available in the market.