Funky Hair Accessories With Hair Extensions

If you are looking for hair accessories to suit your new hair extensions, there is a wide range of them from headbands to bobby pins, all designed to add style to your refurbished tresses. Bobby pins and headbands can be creative accessories which can add something extra to your hairstyle. A headband is perfect for the summer season and makes your hair extension seem almost natural. Wearing a headband during summer would make it look as if your natural hair is long enough to be tied with a headband in order to avoid inconvenience due to sweating, etc. Bobby pins can be used to hold a braid or twist in your hair, while complementing your outfit at the same time, especially during weekends. Super soft elastics are a rage for use as a ponytail holder. If you have hair extensions these elastics are great because they are gentle and designed to not pull on your hair, while keeping it tangle free. Since elastics, headbands and bobby pins come in different colors and styles they can be chosen to match with a variety of outfits and colors, to keep your tresses in place without causing harm to them or to the hair extensions attached to them.

Black Clip In Hair Extensions

Black clip-ins have evolved among the trendiest hair extensions of the day. Rather than wait for your natural hair to grow to its desired length and then style it, you can now get the length and the style you desire, in minutes! All you need to do is select the right clip in hair extension and you are in business! Hair extensions are available at retailers, salons and can be ordered online through sites such as The two common kinds of hair extensions are synthetic and genuine human hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions are more cost-effective and offer a wide range of colours from black to red and purple. But synthetics cannot undergo any kind of heat treatment for drying or straightening such as flat irons, hair dryers or curling tongs since this shortens their lifespan. Human hair extensions, though more expensive, give a natural look and feel just like extended hair. But they can be chemically and heat treated for colouring and styling purposes, without appreciable damage to their longevity. Hair extensions are have become one of the most sought-after fashion accessories nowadays.

Glued-In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions come in different styles based on the method of application. One of the methods is gluing the hair extensions, which is easy in application, but with a drawback that it melts when heated, either for drying or styling. However, the advantage of this model is ease and speed of application. When selecting glue-in hair extensions, make sure that it complements the colour and texture of your hair. Also, buy glue-in hair extensions with hair longer than natural hair by a few inches. If not required, it can always be trimmed away later. Glue-in hair extensions are available in a wide range of colours. You have to choose one which best suits your natural locks. If your tresses are light in colour, then choose light coloured hair extensions; conversely, if your natural hair is darker, you should opt for dark coloured extensions. When wearing these hair extensions, take care not to apply the glue directly to the hair. In case this happens inadvertently, the glue can be removed from your natural hair by applying a special lotion which is made to remove hair bonds, or even plain coconut oil. It is best to remove the glue before it dries onto your natural hair and gets hard and sets in.

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Aftercare For Hair Extensions

Though caring for hair extensions is easy, it must be done properly in order to protect their life and look. For aftercare of hair extensions, a few basic steps are to be meticulously followed. Firstly, be very particular about what quality of hair you are buying. Virgin hair is not chemically processed and it has its cuticles intact. It looks more natural, with the shine, body, bounce, lustre and movement resembling that of natural, human hair. The hair extensions can be coloured to harmonize with the shade of your hair or skin, so its original colour is immaterial. Virgin Remy hair is available in different shades of black or brown and lasts from six to twelve months. Virgin Remy hair extensions are among the most comfortable. Plan the colour that best suits your skin tone along with your hair-stylist. After deciding which hair extension you are opting for, keep in mind – healthy cuticles impart a more natural look and a longer life. Remember that when processing hair for hair extensions, sterilization strips it of natural oils, thus drying it out.

Conditioning is an important hair-care measure. Never use deep cleaning shampoos on hair extensions to avoid stripping them of their lustre. Cheap conditioners or shampoos dry out the hair extensions. Brush knots and tangles gently from the hair extensions before you wash them. Thorough rinsing between shampooing and conditioning prevents residues. Any good hair-care shampoos do not include alcohol, since it dries the hair. When washing hair extensions, take care not to scrub too much. Shampooing and conditioning of hair extensions should be done at least twice a week. Pre-conditioning before applying shampoo is a good idea.

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Basics of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are ideal to hide less or sub-optimal hair. Artificial hair can be used either to cover those areas of the scalp which are bald or less hairy, or as a fashion accessory to get an instant change of hair-style. Hair extensions are popular especially among those who have grown tired of hiding their head with hats, caps or scarves. Everyone wants an attractive look and can achieve this with help from hair extensions. Hair extensions which can be clipped on to the natural locks to increase their length and volume are the fastest and most popular hair extensions. The clips in these hair extensions are so subtle as to be almost invisible, thus allowing you to show-off your hair extensions as completely natural. Hair extensions are made from either human or artificial hair. Human hair extensions cost more than artificial ones. Artificial hair extensions give more choice in colour and textures. The cost of human hair extensions is also determined by the brand and the country from which they are cropped. Hair extensions need a lot of attention and care. There are several hair extension aftercare products such as shampoos, conditioners, sprays, etc., available in the market.

Making Hair Weaves Work For You – Part 2

As mentioned in one of our earlier blogs, the best way to make hair weaves work for you, is to select the hair weave texture which is a perfect match to your natural hair. Another approach is to blend different hair types with your weaves. The goal is to ensure that the texture of the hair weave is not drastically different from the natural tresses. For example, though curly and wavy hair can blend well, deep waves look better with loose curls rather than the other way. Normally, blending involves moving along textures which are next to each other. Blending of hair types can be done through extensions, tracks, ponytails, bangs and wigs. In case of wigs or fusion, use hair pieces which are more curly than the natural hair so as to achieve a smooth transition. Lastly, you can opt for a combination of drastically different textures. However, these drastic differences in hair texture need complete installations, such as a full-head hair weave, that completely covers the natural tresses. Avoid partial hair weaves if you do not want to appear with a tiered look. Even while using chemicals like relaxers, keep a tab on how straight or curly the hair gets with successive applications and how fast it reverts to the original. If it’s too resistant to change, do not opt for a completely different hair weave. Either use clip-ons, etc., for the short-term or completely cover your hair.

Making Hair Weaves Work For You – Part 1

It is tough to make hair weaves work when the hair extensions do not match the natural hair type they are being weaved into. Mismatched hair extensions can result in kinky hairlines, bouncy curls and wavy ponytails, absolutely different from the natural hair. Given here are three guidelines to make hair weaves work for you. The first approach involves working with what you already have. If you have curly hair, get curly hair weaves; if you have straight hair, get a straight hair weave. Hairstyles embrace a wide variety of hair textures and the trick is to find the right method for installing your hair weaves. Matching the texture gives maximum options, as there is little difference between your natural locks and the hair weaves chosen, apart from the length or volume. This technique works for clip-on hair extensions, hair weaves attached through fusion techniques, ponytails, wigs, bangs – all the most commonly used external hair pieces. As opposed to this approach, the other two approaches to hair weaves involves selecting hair which is different from your natural tresses and seamlessly integrating it with your existing locks, so as to get the best results.