Convenience And Comfort

Hair extensions can help you change the look of your locks drastically and quickly – from short and curly to long and straight, or wavy. Of all the hair extensions available in the market, clip-on hair extensions are definitely the most convenient to use. These require no professional training to put on and do not require elaborate care – all you need to do is simply taking out the clips when you wish to remove them. Indian hair is chosen for extensions because it has the silkiest, shiniest texture and is affordable. However, check to see that the hair extension you are buying is made from real human hair and is not just a synthetic supplant. At, we assure you that all the hair extensions we supply – be they Brazilian or Indian – are 100% natural human hair. If the hair extensions are made of real human hair, you can style it just like you style natural hair without worrying about it. The primary consideration when choosing hair extensions is skin color and hair texture. The hair color should match your skin color and the texture should gel with your natural hair – super fine hair will not blend with coarse hair and vice versa, neither will curly hair blend with straight. Choose the texture that most closely matches your natural hair to get the most seamless look.

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Classifications Of Hair Extensions

Selecting the right hair extensions may get pretty confusing due to a lack of accord among manufacturers of hair extension on quality levels. When selecting hair extensions, it is important to understand remy vs. non-remy and how they affect purchase decisions of hair extensions. Remy hair, basically, is aligned in a single direction. This means that the cuticle, which is the protective outer layer of each strand of human hair, is not inverted. If the cuticles of the hair are not pointing in a single direction, they may work contrary to each other resulting in hair extensions which are easily prone to snagging and tangling. Hence, remy hair does not in any way allude to the condition or quality of the hair; it only points out its longevity. Next is the “virginity” of the hair. Virgin hair extensions imply that the hair has not been subjected to any chemical treatment or coloring process and is being supplied in its original state. Similarly, hair can be either single drawn or double drawn. Single drawn hair has non-uniform strand lengths, since the hair is being supplied in its original state for a more natural look. Double drawn hair has uniform hair length, where either strands of the same length have been collated, or the original strands have been trimmed to a uniform size.

Braiding Hair Extensions

Braided hair extensions are long-lasting and low-maintenance. Braids can be done up in box, micro and cornrows. The individual or box braids get their name from the fact that the hair is parted into a triangle, box or other shape before being braided. Since the ends are secured, you need not worry about tangling or unraveling of these extensions. The braids size can be customized to suit your requirement. The hair products will be placed flat to simplify the braiding, won’t waste curls and will have sufficient texture for them to prevent slippage by properly gripping the natural hair.

Tree and micro braids are those which are not braided all the way. This leaves some of the wigs free-flowing in order to create a bouncy and curly look. Due to the tight pulling and tugging during braiding, some of the curls from the hair extensions are lost. This means that even if you want a wavy finish to your hair extensions, it is better to get hair with a curly texture. Cutting or trimming, braiding and layering take care of the rest.

Finally, the flat, cornrows or Goddess braids, which lie flat to the scalp. The hair is pulled very tightly to maintain neatness and uniformity of the braids and prevent them from slipping. Because of this reason, you won’t need curly extensions, since the style won’t utilize curls. But very straight hair extensions can also become a problem because they may not match the natural hair and may not have the requisite grip. So, wavy hair is the best to be used when trying out these braids.

Typical Colors In Hair Extensions

The most common hair extension colors are blacks, browns and blondes. There are various shades available in these three main colors, such as jet black and natural black in black; natural brown, golden brown, medium brown, light brown, dark brown, chestnut and auburn in brown; ash, platinum and golden in blonde. These are the most popular colors and shades for hair extension products, since they make your hair look truly natural. Of course, other colors, including exotic shades are also available or can be custom ordered, should they be required. Hair color should be selected keeping the skin tone and color in mind. Those with light complexions should opt for light colored hair extensions and vice versa. Also, keep in mind the following tips while choosing hair color. Virgin Remy implies hair which has not been colored or otherwise chemically processed. Off black is the most suitable color and suits almost everyone. It is a natural color which is a combination of black and brown colors. For the first time, it is best to let a professional do your hair coloring for you.

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Cleaning Hair Extensions

It is essential to treat your hair extensions properly to ensure their longevity.It is recommended to wash hair thrice a week.The hair can be washed with cold or warm water. If you are planning to deep condition your hair, just leave the conditioner in for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing it out with warm water. After the hair is washed, do not rub it vigorously or otherwise ruffle it. Its best to put a towel on your head and let the water soak into the towel.Never sleep on wet hair because sleeping on wet hair extensions mats the hair badly and ruins them.The hair must be combed daily, especially after each wash.The hair should be combed from the ends upwards, since this helps prevent shedding by keeping pressure away from the wefted area near the scalp. Gently brush the hair and avoid putting too much pressure while untangling strands. Just lean your head forward and use a soft brush to gently brush your hair from the root end toward your scalp.This will ensure that your hair extensions last longer and retain their desired shape during their lifespan.

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Why Fusions is the Best Method for Applying Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the latest trend nowadays because they lend themselves well to creative hairstyles. If your natural hair is short, you need not wait to grow your hair. You can get long hair in a texture of your choice simply by attaching a hair product. Hair extensions can be applied in many ways. Human hair wefts are the fastest and easiest means of attaching extensions by simply attaching hair of the required length.

Braided track extensions can be applied by making cornrow braids on your hair to sew the braid. Fusion hair extension is a more detailed strand by strand method to attach wigs to the ends of the natural hair. Though fusion involves visiting a hairstylist and takes time because each strand has to be attached to the natural hair, it is on the way to becoming the future of hair care and styling.

Although not permanent, a fusion can last even up to a year with extra maintenance and care. The normal life of a fused hair extension is about half a year. Fusion extensions make hair look thicker and longer. Unlike sew-in hair extensions, fusion extensions look fuller, s opposed to bulkier. Fusion hair extensions can be installed through hot or cold fusion methods. The method preferred varies from person to person.

Single Drawn Vs Double Drawn Indian Hair Extensions

To get a natural look from hair extensions, the hair products must necessarily be made from natural hair. Among natural hair, Indian hair extension is considered to be the best in the industry. These are of two types based on how the donor gave the hair, they can be classified as single drawn or double drawn Indian hair extensions. Single drawn extensions have the hair sewn just as it was taken from.

Since natural hair grows in different lengths and the hair taken for the hair extensions is not cut or trimmed, single drawn Indian hair extensions will definitely have length variations. Due to this, single drawn Indian hair extensions give a perfectly natural look. Double drawn extension means that the hair for the extensions has been cut or trimmed into perfect uniformity of length. This means that double drawn hair extensions are more expensive due to additional labour required for sorting the hair and trimming it.

Despite this, double drawn extensions are still treated as second best. Irrespective of double or single drawn hair, Indian hair extensions are the best quality hair extensions. This is because Indian hair is naturally strong and thick and it has regularly been nourished with natural oils and treated using natural products such as lemon juice, aloe vera or yogurt. Due to their being no chemical treatment, Indian hair extensions look better and achieve an perfect natural look.

How To Perm Hair Extensions

As we had told in one of our earlier blogs, perming is one of the best ways to get hair extensions matching curly hair and natural Indian remy hair is the best for perming. Here, we give a step by step demonstration on how to perm your hair extension to get the best results. The first step is selecting the right perm solution for the right effect. Different perm solutions have different effects with alkaline solutions being best for tight curls and acid-balanced solutions for softer and fuller curls. Condition the hair extensions with a crème conditioner. Mix and apply the solution in your home perm solution kit to your hair extension. Use gloves while applying it. Wrap the extensions around rollers without stretching it tight. The permanent solution should be rinsed out with warm water. Now, apply the base or neutralizer in the kit to the hair extensions. Wait for a few minutes while the curl takes hold. Remove the rollers and rinse the hair extension in cold water thoroughly, thereby eliminating the base solution completely.
Another option for getting a permed look is, of course, buying a readymade set of hair extensions made of Indian remy hair which are already steam permed. This may mean some extra cost, but you can find hair extensions that match the colour and texture of your natural hair. Moreover, this is a better option for dark coloured hair since the presence of hydrogen peroxide can impart streaks of reddish colour to the hair extensions.

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Permed Hair Extensions

A perm is an abbreviation for “permanent wave”. The most ideal hair extensions for women with curly hair Indian remy hair extensions which are steam permed. An alternative to this is to buy normal hair extensions and to make the perms. It has a wave in the hair, made using chemicals which break the existing bonds in the hair and re-form them. The washed hair is then enfolded in special perm rods. A waving lotion is applied to act as a catalyst and begin the chemical reaction which ends up in softening the inner hair structure. The softened hair moulds around the perm rod’s shape. Perms soften the hair, add a look of volume, and impart bounce to hair, thus giving it a glamorous and posh look. Heat speeds up this process of waving, but care should be taken to avoid overheating. Perming takes over two hours and the perm settles down after one full day. It lasts for about a quarter to a half year.
Perming of hair extensions is similar to perming of natural hair. One thing to remember is that perms can be created only on natural human hair extensions, because synthetic hair is easily damaged by any kind of heat treatment.

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Feather Hair Extensions Removal

Hair extensions with feathers are sought-after for an instant funky look. You can use these feather hair extensions over a weekend or on holiday – to achieve the look of a rock-star, a sportsperson or a party girl. However, when you have to return to work or to school, this look is no longer desirable. The first thing to do in order to get rid of feather hair extensions is to ensure you work with the exact same crimping tool or pliers which was used for applying these hair extensions. Carefully part the dried hair to have a clear look at that section of the hair to which the feather is attached. The remaining hair should be clipped or pulled away if required. A micro link can be felt at the hair extension’s root. Feel it with your fingers, determine the direction in which the link was flattened, hold it and squeeze the link in the reverse direction with the crimping tool or pliers. The link will pop open, allowing smooth sliding off of the bead and removal of the feather hair extension along with it. The feathers should be stored in a dry place and should be occasionally aired – they will remain fit for re-installation whenever you need the party look once again.