Braiding Hair Extensions

Different hairstyles can be worn based on your personality and the occasion. Braids are one of the styles, which most suit people with long hair. However, in case you are one of those who currently have a short crop of hair, but would like to try out braids, the next best option for you (after you natural hair) is to opt for braided hair extensions. Braided hair extensions are available in a variety of lengths and colors to suit your taste and style. Another alternative is to buy hair extensions and braid them with your natural locks. Before going for any of the above options, you first have to select the hairstyle and extension you wish to use.

Hair extensions are generally of two types – either human hair extensions or those made from synthetic materials. There is also a mix of the two – a mixture of human and animal hair and synthetic fibers. Human hair extensions are the best as has been discussed in some of our other blogs. After getting the hair extensions, the next step is to select the best method for attaching them on your hair and perfectly braiding them. Before starting this, consider the type of braiding you prefer. Some people like pre-curled or pre-colored braids. Here, care should be taken when selecting synthetic hair – some types of synthetic hair may not be suitable for braiding. Avoid hair extensions made from slippery hair since they will not give durable braids.

Pitfalls To Avoid When Using Wings

You wish your hair to look the best – but you either do not have the time or the money to go in for hair extensions. The next best option for you would be to opt for wigs with human hair. The popularity of wigs in the hair-styling market has increased by leaps and bounds due to rapid advances in both the technology of wig-making and the material used. When selecting wigs, always try on the various wigs on offer and select the one(s) which complement your natural hair the best. Select the wigs which suit your hairstyle and face shape. Also ensure that the hairline looks natural when the wigs are applied. Also, take time out to groom and maintain your wigs – brush them often. Proper storage is essential for keeping the cap in shape and the hairs in line. Proper shaping of the wigs when they are placed on your scalp helps make styling simpler and easier. Dab some shine product on human hair wigs and wash and condition them frequently in order to help them maintain their look. On the other hand, never opt for cheaper wigs since they will not suit your hair-style for long. Human hair wigs are the best bet for exactly matching the feel of natural hair. This is because they are actually made for natural human hair. Do not mix up wigs on a regular basis, so that people do not catch on to the fact that you are using them.


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Latest Trends In Clip-In Hair Extensions

In today’s world of instant results, one need not have to wait for ages for the natural hair to grow to the desired length. Hair extensions, especially clip-in hair extensions have become a boon for those who are willing to spend a bit in order to get the latest hair-style immediately. Clip-in hair extensions come in two variations – a synthetic clip and real human hair extensions. The advantage of synthetic clip-in is that they are cheaper and offer a much wider range of colors and shades to choose from. However, the use of styling equipment, especially heated equipment, can shorten their lifespan considerably. Clip-ins using authentic human hair extensions are the second option, which is very widespread. Though these are slightly more expensive than artificial clip-ins, they are organic and easier to treat and style. These are most suited for those who do not mind spending a bit to relax in the assurance of longer-lasting hair extensions, with the convenience of easy styling including tools such as flat iron, etc.

Advantages Of Indian Hair Extensions

Indian hair extensions are well-established as one of the premier products, be they Virgin Indian Hair or Indian Remy Hair or Virgin Indian Wigs. One of the differentiating features of Indian hair is that it is slightly wavy, as compared to African hair, which is very curly or Mongoloid hair, which is very straight. The hair flows in waves (either long or short) and even the straight Indian hair extensions have slight in-built undulations, which are visible when closely viewed. This waviness imparts Indian hair extensions the necessary flexibility in styling and shaping. Indian hair extensions can be easily straightened or curled, as required. Indian hair extensions are a class apart and are preferred by hair stylists due to the ease with which they can be dyed to blend with natural hair. Indian hair extensions usually last their full complement of four months. Indian hair extensions are also sought-after since they can be remodelled to match hair of almost all races. They are conducive to the use of hair dryers and flat irons. Unlike European hair extensions, Indian hair extensions have a higher follicle density and less oval cross-sections. These advantages have gone a long way in promoting the use of Indian hair extensions in the hair care industry.

Hair Weave For Short Hair Extensions

Sometimes, you wish you had hair extensions which would lengthen your short hair, but you wish to add only a little bit of length – surely not long enough for them to be considered “long hair”. A human hair weave could be what you want. Hair weave can add volume to your tresses, but their length can still be managed. A human hair weave can be used to change the volume, style or color of your hair. Adding a Brazilian human hair weave can help you create a different look. If you have Afro-American hair, you can opt for an Indian Remy Hair Extension which would match your own hair texture. Your locks could be made to seem longer than their natural size, while at the same time maintaining their essential short length. An added bonus is the shine and silkiness a good quality human hair weave can impart to your natural locks. An Indian Hair Weave, on the other hand, is ideal to create long lasting smooth and silky locks. Indian or Brazilian hair weaves can also help you to create a layered look. The main advantage of hair extensions is the amount of flexibility they impart to your look – you can go for a change of style – choose short hair for some time – and then revert to longer hair whenever you wish.

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The Right Way To Clip On Your Clip-On Hair Extensions

Hair extensions which can be clipped on might seem simple, but this simplicity is deceptive. Applying clip-on hair extensions is more than just parting your hair and clipping the hair pieces in. While installing of clip-on hair extensions is easy, a successful installation involves blending the hair extensions with the natural hair so that the wefts and bulkiness do not show awkwardly. A little bit of camouflaging is helpful when pieces have to be added near the front part or the crown of the head. Firstly, the hair needs to be sectioned off slightly thicker than normal. Next, this section should be horizontally split into two parts, with the top part about a quarter to a half inch thick to form the cover. The hair extensions are clipped into the bottom of the hair. The weft can then be brushed or combed to smoothly blend with the natural tresses.

Similarly, clip-on ponytails are also tricky, though they might look easy. Comb the natural hair to form a bun and keep the hair in place with bands or pins. This ensures a solid base to avoid the ponytail from looking too loose. The bun should be placed sufficiently high on the head for the look to be just right. Next, the clip-on ponytail hair extension can be placed over the bun, while securing the clips just under the elastic bands, to the base of the hair. Tuck in the clips properly to give it a natural look.