Virgin Remy Hair Extensions

Most hair extensions are easy to maintain and take care of, but to ensure their longevity periodic and correct care-taking is a must. Hair care is very simple if you follow a few simple instructions. The initial quality of the product must be good. Virgin hair extensions are not processed with colours or chemicals and come with their cuticles intact. It is the most adorable choice for natural-looking hair and it has the body and movement just like original human hair.

The extensions you purchase can be coloured to match your hair, so it doesn’t matter what is its original colour. The Remy hair originally comes in shades of brown or black and is not dyed and well-maintained Virgin Remy hair can even last even up to a year. Getting the most out of your Virgin Remy hair extensions takes a little practice.

While the healthy cuticles of Virgin Remy hair make it last longer and look natural, proper care-taking can ensure that they retain their shine and bounce for longer. Processed hair products, on the other hand, are made from hair which is sterilized and stripped of its natural oils. Hence, conditioning is an essential part of caring for processed hair. Even for Virgin Remy hair, shampooing and conditioning is a must. If it is taken care of, these hair extensions will feel better and last longer.

Clip-On Hair Extensions For The Nape of the Neck

The nape of the neck is a very tender spot and is disturbed most frequently – rubbing against the collars of your clothes and the pillows when you lie down. It also collects a lot of sweat. Due to this, hair near the nape of the neck gets tangled and tousled most often. And this is just for natural hair. The situation is exacerbated when extensions of hair weaves are used. Therefore, hair extensions near the nape need touch-ups every few days, more often than other areas.

The best option in this case is using clip-on hair extensions at the nape area instead of fusion or hair weaves. Clip-on hair extensions can be easily removed and cleaned and re-applied. Firstly, you can go in for the regular hair weave or fusion process. Next, since most hair weaves begin at the nape, clip-on hair extensions are applied there by clipping the hair pieces either to the braids or twists or directly to your natural hair.

Care should be taken to ensure that the clip-on pieces remain undetectable. By using clip-on hair extensions, maintenance becomes easier. Whenever the nape gets tousled or dirty, you can pop out the extensions, shampoo and condition them, tighten up the back braids, and then re-apply them. It is no longer necessary to remove the entire weave or fusion.

Making Wigs Look Natural

What is it in some wigs that make them completely unrecognisable and the on-lookers are unable to identify them as wigs and differentiate them from natural hair? The difference lies in the colouring at the hairline. The main aim of a good wig is a natural-looking hairline. Every undetectable wig has a subtle hint of colour around the edges. In natural hair, the hair at the edges of the hairline, framing the face, is of a slightly lighter shade and then gradually darkens as it moves inwards and upwards. Good quality extensions replicate this shading process by the use of lowlights and highlights to become undetectable.

Bad hair extensions are far darker at the hairline making the wigs look like a cap. So, the next time you shop for a wig, check the colour to ensure that the hair towards the face is lighter in colour shade. Even a minor difference of a shade or two can make enough of an impact. Match the colour along the edges of the hair products to the colour of your skin, just like natural hair. If you already have wigs and you wish to improve them, get those coloured along the hairline. Any competent beautician can colour hair wigs to harmonize with your skin tone and make the wigs look natural.

Hair Extensions and Hair Shedding

Hair extensions not only hide imperfections in the natural hair, but by using hair extensions, it also becomes difficult for the user to realise how much natural hair is being lost due to shedding, even though it is not right to blame these hair products for hair loss per se, losing hair is a normal feature. Hair extensions, on the other hand, form a protective layer over the natural hair.

On any given day, a hair loss of about 100 strands is absolutely normal. Hair follicles shed old hair and grow new hair on a daily basis, just like the nails or the epidermis layer of the skin. It is a part of the body’s growth process. In case you find a lot of lost hair strands in your hair extensions, do not panic. It does not mean you are losing any more hair than what you used to earlier.

The best way to find out the rate of loss of natural hair is to take pictures of hair before using extension systems and comparing them to the hair after about 3 or 4 months. Another method is to tie all your hair into a ponytail and measure it with a ribbon or a fabric measuring tape. Sometimes, after removing the hair extensions, it only seems as if you have lost a lot of hair. This is because while using these extensions, you have become used to seeing more hair on your scalp than your normal tresses.

Moving From Short Hair To Long Hair

You have gone in for the short and smart hairstyle with a bob-cut and loved it. But, after a few days, you wish to go back to long, luxurious tresses – the Rapunzel look. However, the transition from short to long hair can be a bit of a drag. It is easy and fast to cut hair, but making them grow back is a time-consuming process, during which proper hair-care is a must, because human hair can only grow at a quarter to a half inch per month. In the initial stages, your hair might be so short that traditional weaving won’t work. At this time, the best option is going in for hair wigs. Wigs should be kept clean and shampooed and conditioned once every week.

Once the hair is long enough, you can begin adding hair extensions of about medium length, to give the impression that you grew the hair yourself. Simply apply the hair extensions applied and trim them to the right size. Don’t leave hair extensions in for too long so that your natural hair get sufficient “space” to grow, also ensure high-quality human hair for a natural look. When your tresses are about medium length, you may be tempted to do away with hair extensions, but you must realise that medium length hair are the toughest to style. It is better to go the whole hog and use external hair till such time as your locks are completely ready to be worn in a cascade naturally. This might take about a year.

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Colouring Human Hair Wefts

To enhance the color of human hair wefts after installation, a color glaze can be applied – a clean shine that keeps hair healthy and strong. This can be applied all over the hair after installing the human weft wefts. Though the hair becomes slightly damp, this allows styling of the hair. While are shining the hair, a clear shine can be mixed with the necessary add protein and moisturizer also. Starting from the nape of the neck, the mixture can then be rubbed on to both the human hair wefts as well as the horizontal sections of the natural hair. Take care to avoid the bonded section and keratin-bonded tips of the weft, since the keratin glue may break down on application of the liquid. The hair should be well saturated with the shine mixture for the most promising results. The color and protein/moisturizer mixture takes about 20 minutes to settle down. Do not dry your hair forcibly since this might end up making the product unstable. As a last step, rinse out your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner. This will make your human hair wefts conducive to the requisite styling which can make them look stunning.

Tips For Cutting Hair Extensions

Mostly hair or hair extensions which need to be snipped or cut fall into the wavy or straight categories – the curly ones are mostly short hair, which at best need to be slightly trimmed. There are four things which you should know before attempting to cut hair extensions. Firstly, damp hair extensions are easier to cut as compared to completely dry tresses. Therefore, run a slightly damp comb through the hair extensions prior to picking up the scissors. Preliminary wetting of the hair helps in pulling out the waves and keeping fine strands joint together for ease in cutting; it also helps in removing frizz. Angling the scissors helps avoid split-ends while cutting hair extensions. Hair remains better attached when cut at a slight angle. Begin to work away at small sections or tilt the scissors slightly to achieve evenness in the cut. Sharp scissors ensure a quick and a clean cut. On the other hand, dull implements require a lot of hacking away to get results, which directly result in split ends, hair damage and dishevelled hair. Hold the hair which is to be cut with the correct tension to prevent strands from getting missed out due to slipping. If you are cutting hair extensions, always ensure that the hair extensions are fixed to your head while cutting, so that the length and the style are visible when cutting the hair. Straight or wavy hair extensions are fairly easy to cut provided these guidelines are adhered to.

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Maintenance Tips For Hair Extensions

Here are a few tips to ensure that your hair extensions stay fresh, shiny and bouncy for longer. First and foremost, it is recommended that you brush your hair extensions daily using a suitable hair extension brush. Take care to dry the hair before brushing it. Holding the hair in a ponytail, brush the hair with a downward motion – start from the bottom and work your way upwards. Hair extensions need a cursory hair treatment once every fortnight and a more comprehensive one after every few weeks. Since the hair is not fixed to the scalp, it does not get the oils and nourishment it ought to be getting. Therefore, using a hair mask or a hair treatment will help in maintaining the health and shine for longer. While applying the treatment, remember to avoid the area where the hair extensions are attached to the scalp. Do not rub shampoo through hair extensions since this may cause them to tangle. Simply apply the shampoo onto the scalp and allow it to run through. Preferably, use a moisturizing detangling solution after washing it, to retain moisture in the hair. Extra precaution is recommended when blowing or styling hair extensions, in order to avoid heat damage. Over-use of heating tools dry out the hair faster. Hence, the best way is to let hair extensions dry without the use of any artificial means. In case hot styling tools are being used, it is better to apply a heat protector prior to heat styling. These tips will help you keep your hair extensions healthier and shinier for longer.

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How To Choose The Right Clip-In Hair Extensions

Your hair has now become a part of your identity – based on hair colour, people are classified as blond, brunette, redheads; based on length, they are identified short or long; based on the style, they are wavy, curly or straight – and the associations which go with these. Women love to show-off different hairstyles to get rid of boredom and add some drama to their personality. There is a veritable buffet of inexpensive options of hair care products which women can choose from, including hair extensions and wigs. While wigs are lesser preferred, clip-in hair extensions have become the rage of late. When selecting the right clip-in hair extensions, the main thing is to have an idea of what it is you are looking for. Choose the color which suits your hair the best. There are beauty parlours and salons available in order to help clients choose the correct type of hair extensions to meet their needs. Hair extensions are available in a range of hair quality to suit your wallet. Check out the quality before selecting the product. Human hair extensions are the best, especially virgin hair extensions. Hair extensions made from synthetic fibers are cheaper and flexible but not long-lasting. Hair extensions are being offered today by the biggest brands in the industry. You need to choose the right product which satisfies both your needs and your budget.

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Style with Safety

The hairstyle used speaks volumes about the kind of person we are. To be able to project an image of glamour, poise and style is the dream of every woman and the hairstyle is an essential component of this projection. This is the primary reason why most women opt for hair extensions to complement and supplement their natural crop of tresses. Hair extensions are a temporary but fast and easy method to enhance the length, color, style, shine, body of your natural hair. But, due to ignorance of hair extension application methods, some people avoid them to prevent damage to their natural hair. Temporarily applied hair extensions such as virgin skin wefts, machine wefts, silicone micro-beads, clip in hair extensions, etc. are mostly human hair extensions which do not cause any damage to your natural hair. The biggest advantage of using these hair extensions is they are undetectable. So, if you are on the look-out for a new style but shrink from risking damage which may occur with traditional hair extensions, then temporary hair extensions may be the solution for you. The easiest to apply are clip in hair extensions and virgin skin weft extensions. Skin weft hair extensions are coated with adhesives and glued to your hair to add bounce, shine and body. The clip in hair extensions can be simply clipped in to the normal hair.