Hair Care Tips For Hair Extensions

Hair extensions look good and feel great – they need to be pampered just like (or sometimes even more than) natural hair, so that they continue to accentuate your looks. Hair extensions need to be shampooed and deep conditioned at least once a week. While washing, do not rub the hair against itself to avoid breakage. After washing, towel it dry and allow it to air dry naturally. Next, comb the hair by dividing it into different sections, gently combing each section till the scalp. The attachment area needs to be taken special care of. Avoid using bristle-brushes to comb or brush hair extensions. Too much or too frequent use of oils or greases sometimes results in weighed down and tangled hair. Before sleeping, braid, pin curl, or roller set the hair. To protect the hair extensions, it is advisable to sleep with a cap or on a satin pillow. Each different hair texture needs to be treated and cared for differently – whether they are curly, wavy or straight. The tips we have given here are generic and can be applied to any type of virgin hair extensions to prolong their life and usefulness.

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Magic Hair Growth Oils – A Myth And Pestilence

The best look is the natural look – virgin hair extensions accentuate your natural look and complement it to make you look even more beautiful and admirable. However, of late, the beauty products market has been flooded with products which claim to make your hair grow faster, smoother, longer and more supple, thus eliminating the need for hair extensions. Some of these, like the generic oils and greases for hair growth, only result in a colossal waste of money. They, in fact, may end up spoiling the natural hair and hindering its growth by clogging the pores on the scalp, which carry nutrition to the hair. The premise is that if a product is claiming that it is too good to be true, chances are, IT IS! Hair growth oils claim to contain organic ingredients from exotic locations which aid hair growth. The fact is that hair grows at its own natural pace. This rate of growth can be aided by regular head massages using traditional oils. If you want to accessories your hair, the best way is only through the use of virgin hair extensions. Products from quacks only end up with the hair being further degenerated.

Time-Saving Devices Are A Strict No-No!

When it comes to applying Brazilian weaves, most people like to go in for a faster solution. This quick-fix has its own set of drawbacks and limitations. Because the natural hair is wet-wrapped and the Brazilian weave is glued directly onto it, this method dehydrates and damages your natural hair. Further, while removing the Brazilian weave, the natural hair also comes out. The glue sticks to the hair extensions, thus damaging them. If you do not take the time out to apply the Brazilian weave properly, the quality of weaving turns out to be not so good; the difference between the natural hairline and the hair extension becomes obvious in a few days. Moreover, the line between natural hair and the Brazilian weave may get irritating and itchy at times, especially when sweating. Lastly, since the faster methods of application also take considerable amount of time, it is always preferable to spend a little more time and opt for a proper hand weft or machine weft. In case you really do not have the time to go for an elaborate Brazilian weave installation, it is better to wear a wig, rather than apply the weave hurriedly and damage your natural hair and the hair extension, while spoiling the look as well.

Introduction To Indian Remy Hair

Basically, if the upper and lower ends of the hair are kept intact, with the cuticles running in the same direction, this type of hair is referred to as Remy hair. Since the cuticles are in the same direction, the hair is smooth and does not become tangled easily. Indian Remy hair has very desirable, subtle and gentle waves. Indians have a religious practice of shaving off the hair on their heads when they visit a temple. This is their way of surrendering their ego to God. Most Indian Remy hair comes from the hair that is offered during this head tonsuring. The tonsured Indian Remy hair is collected and sorted according to size, after which it is untangled and cleaned. The shampooing and conditioning helps the hair maintain its virgin state for longer periods. After thorough drying, the Indian Remy hair is ready to be sold. If the hair extensions or hair weaves are not made from Remy hair, they tangle much faster, since the upper and lower ends of the hair get mixed up. One of the advantages of Indian Remy hair is that it is flexible enough to be made into any texture – curly, wavy or straight.

Tips for Proper Removal of Brazilian Weave

A Brazilian weave looks magnificent and do wonders to your appearance. But now, you wish to try out a new hairstyle or wish to let your natural hair show. Here are a few tips to remove your Brazilian weave by yourself at home. Firstly, coat the hair with oil, at the root and along the hair weave. Gently massage the scalp till the Brazilian weave comes out on its own. Untangle it from your natural hair and remove it softly. The next thing is to shampoo and condition your natural hair in order to get rid of the glue and other styling products you had applied when you had donned the Brazilian weave. This will cleanse your natural hair. Use a comb to remove traces of the additives. A helpful tip – when you comb the hair after removing the weave, comb it in the reverse direction (from the tips to the roots), to avoid the hair from getting pulled out and shedding. Lastly, shampoo and condition the Brazilian weave, blow-dry it, comb it gently and store it on a hanger or hair wig, away from sunlight and moisture. The Brazilian weave is ready for you when you want it the next time.

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Factors Causing Damage To Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are soft, smooth and silky when you buy them. Your fingers slide through the strands when you are selecting the virgin hair extension you wish to buy. However, a few days down the line, you find the hair rough, tousled and lacking lustre and shine. This is due to a variety of factors and we list a few things which should be avoided, to prolong the life of your virgin hair extensions. The number one culprit extensions losing their sheen is pollution! While there is not too much you can do about ambient air pollution, simple steps such as avoiding smokes and fumes, and taking proper after-care in case the hair extension has been exposed help contain the effects of pollution.

The second factor is being too careful! Yes! In trying to maintain the original style of the extensions, quite a few clients avoid washing or cleaning these hair products. This makes the hair in the extensions dirty and fragile. The third factor is the exact opposite of the earlier one – too much cleansing, especially with harsh detergents and shampoos can also spoil your extensions. The fourth is the use of incorrect tools on the hair – tools range from the simple comb to heat-styling irons. The combs and brushes used on hair extensions should have sufficiently spaced teeth to avoid the hair getting pulled out. The styling temperature should be just right to prevent any lasting damage. From the above, it is obvious that apart from pollution, the other reasons for early damage to hair extensions, all stem from ignorance.

How To Save Money on Hair Extensions

Hair extensions cost money. Money which you wish to save, but without compromising on your looks. Here are a few suggested measures you can take to reduce your expenses on hair extensions, while at the same time ensuring you get natural and stylish locks. Always opt for human hair, preferably Brazilian hair extensions or Indian hair extensions, for better looks and a longer life. Although the one-time cost may be high, these last longer, saving money on repeat buys. Human hair can also be reused more number of times than synthetic hair. Moreover, Brazilian hair extensions and Indian hair extensions are also available with their cuticles intact.
Since hair-stylists mostly charge by the hour, you can do the preliminary preparation at home before visiting the hair-dresser – shampoo, condition and untangle your natural hair at home and carry your own hair extensions when you next visit your beautician for a hair job. Choose styles such as hair weave or a sew-in, rather than the more expensive full fusion treatment. The simplest way to save money on application of hair extensions is, of course, to apply them yourself, but this may not always be possible.

Precautions While Grooming Hair Extensions

One of the advantages of human hair extensions is that these can be subject to the same physic-chemical treatments which are used on natural hair. Human hair extensions can be subjected to dyeing, colouring, cutting, styling, etc. Human hair extensions are mostly dyed in order that they may exactly match the colour of the person’s natural hair. However, care should be taken to see that the treatment is not too harsh – just as harsh chemicals damage your natural hair, human hair extensions may also be severely damaged, sometimes irreversibly, by these harsh chemicals. The best option would be to first try out any artificial treatment first on a small strand or section of the hair extension. If the results are satisfying without any side-effects, then the treatment can be carried out on the entire hair extension.

It must be remembered that human virgin hair extensions are no different in their reactions than natural hair. Hence, whatever treatment or process is chosen, including flat iron styling, should be safe for natural hair. Further, it is noticed that virgin Remy hair extensions are easier to treat than non-Remy hair extensions, since the latter have already been chemically treated and are hence weaker. The outer layer or the cuticle layer gives the hair extensions their shine and lustre; care should be taken to see that this is not adversely affected.

Hair Extensions – Debunking The Myths

When it comes to hair extensions, the prevalence of misconceptions and myths prevent many people from going in for them. Here, we clarify a few of them for you, so that you may enjoy all the benefits of hair extensions without worrying too much about inconsequential and untrue stories spread around them. Contrary to popular misperception, hair extensions are not bad for your natural hair. Professionally applied hair extensions do not damage natural hair at all. If anything, they may even allow the natural hair to grow to a certain length. Hair extensions do not, repeat do not, cramp your lifestyle – in fact they allow you greater freedom to enjoy life outdoors without worrying too much about hair damage. After all, hair extensions are replaceable. Hair extensions do not end up making you the butt of ridicule by being obviously visible. Most hair extensions are seamless – people may not even be able to make out that you have worn them unless you point it out to them. Hair extensions are not at all uncomfortable or painful. A certain feeling of discomfort does crop into the wearer initially since (s)he is aware of the fact that (s)he has applied a hair extension. But this also gradually dissipates as hair extensions become an almost natural appendage.

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Basics Tips While Buying Hair Extensions

Women, in general, like using hair extensions since they enhance the beauty of the scalp and lend attractiveness and grace to the overall personality. The best kinds of hair extensions are human hair extensions and they come in a variety of texture and colour. Human hair extensions are considered the best since synthetic fibres cannot give the natural look and feel of human hair and are susceptible to early damage if exposed to grooming or styling. Moreover, human hair extensions blend into natural hair. Always make sure that the hair extensions you buy are made with 100% human hair and match the texture, colour and style of your natural hair.

The most basic level of human hair extensions contain human hair from a variety of sources, which is chemically treated to make it look attractive or to add the desired colour. Next in line are virgin human hair extensions – made up of 100% natural human hair, available in a range of attractive natural colours – blacks, browns and even blondes. These do not require any chemical treatment since the hair samples chosen are sufficiently healthy, bouncy and shiny. Lastly, the most expensive and premium are the Remy hair, which are taken from a single donor, with their cuticles intact. Hair extensions made with Remy hair have all the cuticles pointing in one direction, thereby imparting uniformity to the hair and making it inseparable from your natural hair.

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