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Brazilian Hair Extensions
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Bay Area Hair Extensions

Wondering how to have longer and fuller hair? Does your hair stop growing after getting to a certain length? Or, you’ve been planning to change your hairstyle? If so, we’ve got you covered! BRZ Hair brings quality hair extensions to transform your look. Installing them is a beautiful, fast and fabulous way to style your hair. Show off your beautiful head of long, luxurious hair, and have a totally glammed out look!

Do you want to get long, beautiful celebrity like hair? We understand that today’s women need more than just a teasing comb and hair care products to get fuller hair. Wearing extensions is not just for movie stars anymore. Now the secret to all beautiful celebrities is right at your fingertips. At BRZ Hair, our extensions specialist team will surely help you with consultation and get you right human hair products you’re looking for. Our collection always features the newest hair extension colors and styles available for you. And, when it comes to quality, our Bay Area hair extensions are second to none. We are the suppliers of 100% virgin human hair extensions and do not compromise with quality. Our specialists believe that you should get 100% authentic human hair gone through quality control measures. The extensions we provide come with advantages like ease of wearing and styling, sturdiness, good breathability and more. You can add them as highlights or, just for adding desired length and volume. Made to last, they can be used over and over again without losing their luster. Choose from a wide range of lengths and colors.

We’ve been serving customers all over the Bay area and beyond. Our reputation for hair extensions is outstanding and, the range of human hair products we offer caters to a diverse range of customers. We serve you to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction as you’re our priority

Getting an instant long, short, straight, curly or any type hair is now easily achievable for you! With BRZ Hair, the possibilities are endless as you don’t have to settle for the same boring style, each time. Add length to your short hair or, go for the glamour and rock any hair style, anytime! Clip-on, deep curl, straight, natural weave and many more human hair extensions for style-forward women who love to create different hairstyles.

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